My Most Favorite Rolling Pin Ever

After over 20 years of professional baking and pastry work I have used many styles of rolling pins ranging from the standard two-handled version to the "French" style that looks like a baguette.

For many of those years I preferred the French style because it is lightweight and it was the only rolling pin Julia Child used. A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Joseph-Joseph line of products at a shop where I was teaching cooking classes. The adjustable rolling pin caught my eye immediately! Here was the solution to all of my students struggles with:

1) Rolling out doughs to a specific thickness--think pie dough and sugar cookies

2) Measuring the dough after it has been rolled out to make sure the dimensions are correct.

3) There are some rolling pins that do have rubber rings on their sides to help with #1 & #2 but the rings slowly make their way to the middle of the pin and are hard to manage.

The adjustable rolling pin from Joseph-Joseph takes care of all of these problems! It is not a "uni-tasker" which means you can use it for multiple things.There are two sets of four rings that screw on to the sides of the rolling pin and can be changed depending on the thickness you desire. There is also a ruler etched onto the pin that can be used for measuring out dough to specific dimensions.

We use this rolling pin in many of our classes: Croissants From Scratch, Pie 101, Donuts and Chef Jerry's very popular Cookie Decorating Workshop! $25 is a great price point for a rolling pin that will soon become indispensable in your own kitchen.

We sell this rolling pin in our studio and online--it makes a great gift for you or the budding pasty chef in your life!

Happy Baking!

Chef Alekka








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