Our Four Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

        Welcome to Give Me Some Sugar!  Do come in!

To prepare you for your visit here are  4 Things our inspiration and the light of our lives, Her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette, wants you to know about what to expect...

1) Where should I park my car or should I take public transportation?

One of the best things about the adorable neighborhood of Roscoe Village where Sugar is located (just off the corner of Belmont and Leavitt on the south side of the street) is that street parking is free!  While you may not be able to leave your carriage directly on Belmont we're sure your driver will be able to find a stable on a side street.

If you can tolerate the crowds, public is a good option!  The Red and Brown lines on the very modern, elevated locomotives stop 2 miles east of here and the long horseless carriage called the #77 Belmont bus stops just outside the door(at Leavitt).

2) How long are the classes?

This depends on the class, cherie--for example, some of our Children's classes are 1-2 hours long, our Cupcakes & Cocktails class is 90 minutes long, Basic Cake Decorating runs 2-2 1/2 hours, etc.

3) What should I bring?

Please dress informally and comfortably in order to stand and work in our combination classroom-kitchen.  The tiara, wig and corset should probably stay back at your palace.  Bring any beverage of your choice to any class and we will provide an apron for you to wear during class and everything else you will need.  We will box your treats for you to take.  On second thought, wear the tiara and be extra fabulous.

4) What is your shop all about? Are you a bakery?

We are so flattered by seeing our portrait throughout the store--a cookie jar in our likeness and a standing cardboard cut-out of us and even the name of the very special shade of antiqued rose-pink on the walls--we feel right at home! 


This place is a jewel of a pastry school and sweet little shop.

You can learn how to make all my favorites: Macaron, Croissants, Profiteroles and more.  Besides this you can shop for baking equipment, supplies and gorgeous little souvenirs of your visit here.

I blow you a Meringue Kiss Cheri!




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