My Favorite Cook Book Ever-And My Sisters Like It Too

I grew up in a household of cooking. My Mom made (and still does) homemade bread and my father was always experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. They both worked full time jobs when we were growing up so my older sister and I had to start dinner after school as part of our chores. 

Since there was no Food Network in the early 80's and extremely limited internet my sister and I used one book as our cooking reference:

This was our Bible! We both used it until the cover fell off, my Mom found us another copy at a garage sale. My older sister and I each had our own "go-to" recipes from this cookbook and we both still to this day use the same recipes. After my younger sister was born, she also was introduced to this cookbook and cannot live with it. This picture will tell you all that you need to know about how I felt about having a new sister.

Elizabeth (Oldest Sister) -Dinner Drop Biscuits-

This was Elizabeth's signature recipe from Joy of Cooking. When it was her turn to make dinner she would serve these with a simple Lemon Chicken and rice. 


Alekka (Me-Middle Child)-Brownies Cockaigne

I am a HUGE fan of fudgey brownies and this recipe was the start of that love affair. This is a very easy recipe to make and most of the time we had all the ingredients in our pantry.



Katy (Youngest Sister)- Coffee Cake

Katy made this recipe for our weekend breakfast/brunch. She and I added on a streusel middle and topping because why not?

Like a Chanel Bag, The Joy Of Cooking Cookbook is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. 

Happy Baking!

Chef Alekka








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