My 5 Favorite Pastry Chef/Baking Blogs

There are plenty of great blogs out there written by some super talented pastry chefs and bakers. I read them and wish I could be as eloquent as they are. I drool over the amazing pictures they post and give a side-eye to my IPhone 5C that is covered in buttercream. Here are my Top Five Favorites in no particular order:


1. Amanda Rockman-Pastrylandia

I first saw Amanda Rockman when she was a competitor on Top Chef: Desserts. She is beautiful, talented and got eliminated WAY too early. Her blog is a mix of personal and professional stories and shows how the mind of a highly organized pastry chef works. I want to be her friend and grab a beer with her. She now lives in Texas, so not sure if that is going to happen soon.

2) Molly Yeh-My Name Is Yeh

 I found out about Molly Yeh from scrolling through Instagram. She is a city-turned- farm girl who has a hysterical blog that has won TWO Saveur Magazine awards. Her step-by-step recipes are easy to follow with gorgeous pictures of her food and the farm. She is also one of the few bloggers out there that personally respond to questions submitted on her site. I have invited her to come to the studio when she visits Chicago.

 3) Kathy Skutecki-Stresscake

Kathy is a personal friend of mine going on 13 years. She started out in advertising and moved to pastry. She has traveled ALL over the world and has worked with some incredible chefs. Kathy is the type of pastry chef who likes to make croissant dough at 1am because it relaxes her when she is stressed--hence the name of her blog. Her blog has cooking and baking recipes that are going to make you want to quit your job and travel.

4) Dana Cree-The Pastry Department

Dana is the Pastry Chef of Blackbird here in Chicago. Her blog is a true Pastry Chef blog; her recipes are in grams with minimal instructions and pictures. It's like looking into the mind of a pastry chef and the kitchens of Blackbird. She and Amanda Rockman are friends and they often do guest posts on each other's blog.

5) Sweet Sugarbelle

We are obsessed with Cookie Decorating here at the studio. This blog is the one we turn to for ideas and recipes for classes and for our students. She has great tutorials and recipes. You can also purchase her favorite tools from her website. Jerry wants to meet her someday.


Happy Baking!



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