Your Party at Give Me Some Sugar- by Marie A.

You’ve decided to host a Private Event at Give Me Some Sugar!   

To prepare for your very special party here are a few things our inspiration and

the light of our lives, Her Majesty Queen Marie Antoinette, wants you to know

about what to expect...

1) How many guests can Sugar accommodate?

We ask that you have a minimum of 6 guests to attend and we have had as many as 35 in our space.  You may imagine an intimate, candle-lit, card-playing party or a smallish grand ball—how I miss them!In either case you can make an entrance, cherie.

2) What is included and how much time?

So much of this depends on what you--and you alone--would like, cherie. 
The staff is very sensitive to your needs!  Please choose from Cake Decorating, Cupcake Decorating, Decorating with Fondant and so on.  In each case, there is instruction, time to practice, time to decide on final decorations, time to relax and allow your guests to enjoy your company because it’s your fete, yes?!

Each guest will take his/her confection home, if you are celebrating a birthday we will have a complimentary cake ready, if you are celebrating an upcoming marriage or having a business event we will provide a sparkling toast—tres French!  You may have the space for 2 hours for a children’s party or 3 hours for grown-ups.

3) What should I bring—something to eat?  Oh, and what about music?

You may have your party catered by an outside firm or ask your cook to arrange a buffet spread for your footman to deliver to the shop.  The staff here will happily serve the meal and water an openers, will provide small plates, napkins, cups, bottle openers filtered water and ice upon request.

About music: because of the very new contraption people keep trying to tell me about—the one way I can remember  what you call it is to think of spiders!  Webs?  The Web?  You may choose your musical preference and voila!  They tell me your wish will be fulfilled!  Of course, if you prefer,  you may borrow our personal musicians, cherie—they know all our favorites by heart.

How ever you choose to celebrate at Give Me Some Sugar my seasoned staff is ready to make your party a relaxed and cheerful occasion—your occasion, cherie—which means they handle all the set-up and clean-up.

Avoir un Grand Parti!!



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